Lionel Sandoz

Coming from one of the oldest families in the Haut-Doubs and Switzerland, Lionel Sandoz was born February 26, 1948. Graduated in 1967 from the National School of Fine Arts, his career seemed all mapped as professor of Art when it was a first contact with the world of heraldry Sandoz Foundation in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
The following year, in 1969, he created sets and costumes for the Théâtre de Nancy (Rigoletto, La Traviata ...) which performs in London Stuttgart, Athens and Lausanne. Completing its theoretical training, Lionel Sandoz graduated in 1970 from the National Normal School of Applied Arts in Paris.
Avid traveler, then he traveled the Middle East, India, and Afghanistan from where it returns in 1973, a first prize of France to the "International Challenge of the Color" organized by Kodak USA with "Storm sand at dusk. "
Abandoning the East, he then devoted himself to the study of the symbolism of the Western countries through the arms that identifies, centralizes it, that inventories, having collected to date over 1.5 million coats of arms. Then occurs in this artist combining the love of the traditions of adventure, a slow alchemy that led him to take over the biggest heraldic painters.
At the age of 37, he was named a Knight in the Order of Academic Palms in special promotion by the Minister of Education. (Genealogy Magazine by Jean-Marie Thiébaud).